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Student Survey

Middle School Survey

High School Survey

 The surveys will available May 7th through May 18th. 

Please choose the appropriate survey. It should take between 15 – 28 minutes to complete. 

Students in Middle School and High School are requested to take this survey. The results of the survey support Technology & Engineering Education programs by providing valuable information for NYSTEEA to share with the Board of Regents, Commissioner, and other interested parties. 

There is survey data from 2005 – 2017 and can be accessed here. Students speak very highly of Technology and Engineering Education. Students responses are the MOST VALUABLE & POWERFUL RESOURCE!! 

There are only 36 questions. For the HS there is one short essay question asking students to write how technology & engineering education classes have impacted them personally and with their future.

We know Technology & Engineering Education is a powerful learning experience that enables students to discover more about themselves, the relevance of their academic subjects and it helps them to become more technologically literate and STEM ENABLED. The survey information can provide local and state level decision-makers with the critical data they want and need to see about what we teach. We especially want to share this survey data with the Regents and the Governor.


Please contact Chuck Goodwin at with any questions or concerns.