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NYSTEEA Public Service Announcement

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Long time NYSTEEA member and current board member AJ Longware
has been selected as ITEEA STAR of the Month.
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Syracuse, NY 10/27/2013
NYSTEEA issues the elevator speech we should all have memorized for the time when somebody asks:
   What is technology education?

"Technology education is the study of the human-made world.  Students learn the process of designing and engineering solutions in a hands-on,minds-on environment of invention and innovation."

Then - (State what you teach in your classes.)

NYSTEEA Public Service Announcement Video Competition

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Submission deadline was February 14th 2014, 11:59 pm.

The  second NYSTEEA Journal has been mailed to members, retirees
and life members at the current address in our records. If you have
not received one by March 15, please let us know at: info@nysteea.org 


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Green technologies at work in school based competition projects.

Electric/Battery Operated Cars
Photo by Kerry Brennan

Closeup of electric car project
Photo by Kerry Brennan

Kidwind Twelve Blade Wind Turbine 
Photo by Bob Tufte
Tech Wars @
Erie Community College South