Technology & Engineering Honor Society

Technology & Engineering Student Honor Society

The purpose of the Honor Society is to:

  • Recognize and reward students’ high achievement in the area of Technology and Engineering Education,
  • Promote the pursuit of excellence in the Technology and Engineering Education curriculum, and
  • Stimulate achievement in technology students.

Students Requirements:

  • Juniors and seniors who have at least 3 credits in Technology and Engineering Education courses are eligible to apply.
  • Membership shall be based upon the applicant’s: Responsibility, Reliability, Self-Motivation, Cooperation and Critical Thinking Skills demonstrated in Technology and Engineering Education courses.
  • Applicants must have a minimum average of 90% in Technology courses and have a satisfactory class standing.

Chapter Requirements:

  • School must offer sufficient courses for students to obtain a sequence in Technology and Engineering Education.
  • The Advisory(s) are members in good standing of NYSTEEA.
  • The chapter holds annual elections and an induction for new students.
  • Local chapters hold regular meetings.
  • Local chapters will send an annual report to the NYSTEEA Honor Society Committee, which will include the names of the advisor(s), current members, activities, accomplishments and list of new inductees.
  • The chapter will honor graduating seniors with a certificate, pin, and/or honor cords to signify their achievement.

Contact Roger Pacos for more information and an application:

During the Representative Assembly of the 56th annual NYSTEEA Conference held in Syracuse, a resolution was passed to re-establish The New York State Technology and Engineering Education Honor Society.  The original resolution was passed at the 40th Annual Conference in 2003.