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President’s Message

November 1, 2017

As we transition rapidly from the Information Age into what some are calling “the Creative Age,” education as we know it is changing. We know that Technology and Engineering Education teaches children to solve complex, abstract, and illogical problems. Our classes help propel children forward by teaching collaboration, creativity, and problem solving skills in a multi-disciplinary approach.Technology and Engineering Education are vital to the future of our society and is on the forefront of that transition. Remember, the most important thing you do every day is change the future of our society by teaching students Technology and Engineering.


Below are ways that you can ensure that technology and engineering education continue to be the forefront of this transition to the creative age:

  • Educate your colleagues and friends about the desirable and marketable skills technology and engineering education classes teach ALL students
  • Encourage your students to become a Technology Teacher because there are jobs available for them.
  • Maintain your NYSTEEA membership
    • NYSTEEA is constantly advocating on behalf of technology and engineering educators, relevant coursework, and relevant regulations
  • Attend a local association meeting
  • Volunteer to help with NYSTEEA tasks email
  • Post on social media and tag @nysteea
  • Attend the NYSTEEA conference in Malta this March
  • Talk with your administration about the changes to the middle school mandate
    • See the article contributed by Chuck Goodwin later in this journal for talking points
  • Talk to your PTA about the importance of your classes
  • Reach out to your local news association and invite them to your classroom
  • Connect with you representatives from the Board of Regents and State Education Department
  • And most importantly, report back to us what you’ve done! We’d love to hear about any advocacy work that you’ve done

Thank you for being a member of NYSTEEA. We will continue to support you and fight with you for the best education possible for all of your students. Have a wonderful school year, and we look forward to seeing you at the spring conference!


Thank you,

Liz Gallo

President of NYSTEEA