Scholarship Recipients

2018 Future Technology Teacher Scholars

Congratulations! Tell us why you want to be a Technology Education Teacher:

Leah P. from Perry Central School

“I want to help young learners of the upcoming generations discover the world and unlock their creative potential.”

George F. from Farmingdale High School

As a technology teacher “I will not be working at all, I will be guiding and inspiring.”

John R. from Sayville High School

“I believe it is important to teach students skills beside reading, writing and arithmetic. It sometimes is necessary and useful to know how to use basic hand tools and be able to find solutions to complex problems.”

Patrick H. from Orchard Park High School

“I look forward to encouraging future students to pursue their passions and achieve their goals as these [technology] teachers have done for me”


They will each be awarded with $1,000 to help them start their Technology Education undergraduate career. They all will be attending Oswego University in Fall 2018

From 40 applicants the scholarship committee narrowed it down to these 4 inspiring young adults. Each of them has been inspired by their Technology Education Teachers.  Now they get the opportunity to inspire the next generation of students!