Engineering by Design

Engineering by Design NY State Consortium Brochure

Here are some of the observations gleaned from the EbD Leadership Forum by Chuck Goodwin
Sept 19 thru 21, 2012.

1) Growing Pains… When EbD Pre Testing began there was an immediate overload of concurrent users that shut down the system. Barry Burke and Co. are diligently working to correct this problem. Everything will be in the “CLOUD” for the future with the potential of 350,000 users.

2) EbD Curricula is, of course, Standards based and Integrative STEM based with solid connections with ITEEA’s STL’s, AAAS and NCTM standards.

3) EbD trainings will now be “5 days” instead of “3”. I posed the question ….. How confident do instructors feel after their 3 day and 5 day trainings? Answer more confident & ready after the 5 day but some uncertainty remains. I posed the question….. will EbD be considered lesser in stature with PLTW if EbD trainings do not occur over a two week period? No definitive answer with this question but I planted the seed.

4) EbD Hands on Activities are NOT GENDER SPECIFIC!!

5) EbD ( as pointed out in earlier e-mails) is now aligned with the common core. However, (my words) Common Core fulfillment will not happen unless a complete EbD pathway of courses are instituted.

6) EbD Curriculum has ready made Pre-Post Assessments / Quizzes / Lesson Plans / Scoring Rubrics / Hands On Projects Supplemental activities / Extended Activities / Identified Resource Materials / Standards Benchmarks / Learning Objectives / Big Ideas / Engagement / Exploration / Explanation / Extension / Needed Tools and Materials / Resource Materials / Required Knowledge and Skills

7) Additional EbD pathways of study are available for 4 and 5 unit sequences – including; Robotics / Modeling and Simulation / Science and Engineering. The Robotics pathway is from INTELLITEK. I was in Vermont 2 years ago and received complete coverage with Intellitek’s hardware (VEX and SCORBOT), software and instructional materials… ALL EXCELLENT and thorough!!

8) I asked Barry Burke if he is comfortable with NYS using DDP as our entry level course? He was absolutely fine with this approach.

The following sequences are purely conceptual and lots of flexibility and possibilities exist.

Here is a possible NYS Three Unit Sequence
Design and Drawing for Production
Foundations of Technology
Technological Design

Here is a possible NYS Four Unit Sequence
Design and Drawing for Production
Foundations of Technology
Technological Design
Engineering Design (Capstone)

Here is a possible NYS Five Unit Sequence
Design and Drawing for Production
Foundations of Technology
Technological Design
Advanced Design Applications
Engineering Design

9) The State of Maryland has a high school requirement that all students take one technology and engineering course. Maryland uses EbD’s Foundation of Technology course. Also Maryland runs PLTW and EbD throughout the state and sometimes, in parallel, within the same schools.

10) After looking at the EbD testing data, it appears that there is not a significant gain with math and science (before and after) This finding is not consistent, and much of the findings are based on one course vs the full complement of a full blown EbD pathway (which are still evolving). More math and science prep needs to happen at the pre-service level with dedicated courses and with greater integration of STEM practices and concepts within all pre-service Tech. Ed and Engineering based courses. Within EbD Professional Development, a solid complement of STEM practices and concepts need to be consistently incorporated but in a way that does not detract from the overall intended thrust of each EbD course.

11) Grand Challenges For Engineering are cross walked for EbD coursework. You can expect the connections to increase with subsequent curricula updates.

That cross walk will be sent to you as a file soon.

12) it seems that seven out of the fourteen school districts that participated in our NYStraining, in June, are network schools…… so far!

13) Online EbD Curriculum – EbD is moving in this direction… with a simple mouse click teachers can access Lesson snapshot/standards benchmarks / objectives / Assessment / Resources / Lesson Plan / Lab and Class Prep/ Supporting Files.

This format will definitely serve as a strong selling point for teachers and administrators. Currently Foundations of Technology (HS) and Invention and Innovation (MS) curricula are set up online. Definitely Powerful stuff!!

Plus teachers can set up class and student records within the online (media rich edition) provision.
MRe’s are only available to network schools.

Charles H. Goodwin, DTE