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Please examine the following linked article in Ed. the publication fron the Harvard Graduate School of Education
Harvard's recent (2011) research fleshes out how American education has been sending the wrong message regarding where students should be going (multiple pathways) upon graduation from high school.

This is a document that the Board of Regents and NYS Commissioner of Education have already read, but
it needs to be read and understood by every administrator, guidance counselor and Board of Education member across NYS and this country.

By the way.... Our schools have fallen into a mindset that has established an AP Course Overdose that limits the
vistas that high school students should be exposed. Because of parental pressure (ego and seeking what looks good on resume's) along with administrative and guidance counselor direction (ego and what looks good on the district reports) far too many students are enrolled into AP courses where these folks really do not belong.
When NYS colleges and universities are dealing with nearly 50% remediation of their first year students...... something is not working at the K-12 level.
Hence, this Harvard study is a much needed eye opener.

Charles H. Goodwin, DTE
New York State Technology & Engineering Educators Association (NYSTEEA)
NYSTEEA Advisory Council Chair

Harvard Graduate School of Education