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A Look at the Makerspace Movement

Dr. Donna Matteson - SUNY at Oswego

Mr. Richard Kulibert - Solvay Middle School

Makerspaces are gaining popularity in education. A makerspace is often described as a setting to engage students in inquiry and discovery as they innovate and invent through making. As many of us consider our labs the original makerspace, let's discuss how we can become part of the movement.

Becoming a STEAM Teacher

Brian McDonald - Scarsdale High School

Discussion on what it means to be a STEAM teacher. What are the similarities and differences between being a Tech Teacher and STEAM Teacher. How you can be the best STEAM teacher possible.

Lego EV3 Robotics Projects that Enhance Learning

Scott Stagnitta - Skaneateles School District

With LEGO MINDSTORMS, students experience a fun, exciting, and practical application of math, science, and technology. Solving the robotic challenges involves mechanical engineering, computer programming, and problem solving. A large variety of projects that enhance learning will be covered.

Engineering for All - Food: Vertical Farms, Water: The World in Crisis

Matthew McGuire - Elwood Middle School

Engineering for All takes on the essential roles of engineering and technology in addressing global changes in food and water. Ways to address global issues and sustainability using an informed design process to design, build, and analyze hydroponic and water filtration systems will be shared.

Summer Industry Tours for STEM Pathways

Zachary Carrico - Fulton Montgomery Community College/HFM BOCES

Jeremy Spraggs - Fulton Montgomery Community College

Getting students into your classroom is an important part of developing a STEM workforce. Discussion will cover industry tours and related hands on projects students participate in during a grant funded summer program for 8th grade students getting them excited about STEM coursework and careers.

Robotics in the Elementary Program

Paul Tomizawa - Scarsdale Schools- Edgewood Elementary

Peter McKenna - Scarsdale Public Schools- Fox Meadow Elementary

Coding and Robotics are becoming integrated into the elementary curriculum across the country. In this hands-on session participants will learn about the latest apps for coding and robotic products that integrate coding and real world problem solving, then try them out!

The Precision Engineered Pen Project

Luke Ferland - Riverhead High School

Luke Ferland will present his Precision Engineered Pen Project, which successfully integrates computer technology (3D design software), modern technology (the 3D printer), and industrial technology (the lathe) to create a top quality and high value project in the Technology / Engineering classroom.

College Classes in the Technology Education Program

Roy Diers - Syosset High School

Dr. Gary Halada - Stony Brook University

This presentation will discuss how to add a College Class to your Technology Education Program. It will describe the steps and process to add the class(es). The discussion will showcase two classes currently running at Syosset High School through Stony Brook University's ACE Program.   

Crash Course in Human Centered Design

Brian McDonald - Scarsdale High School

Adapted from IDEO and Stanford’s d.school, the human centered design process is a fresh perspective on a traditional method that puts the most important element of design at the center: the user. We will go through each stage of the process and learn the core mindsets that make it successful!

Cool Activities for a Warming Planet

Sarah Lorya - Solar One

Explore hands-on activities from Solar One's Green Design Lab curriculum! Workshop attendees will participate in interactive games and activities, learn about new solar initiatives in NYS, and engage in discussion on best practices for improving energy efficiency in school buildings.

Unique Perspective Project

Caitlin Bowen - Genesee Valley Central School District

In depth explanation of a unique way to teach perspective drawings in co-taught Design and Drawing for Production class. I will share how students have utilized a higher level of learning in AutoCAD, manual drafting, laser engraving, woodworking, and problem solving all within the same project.

Using James Bond and Wayne Gretzky to teach STEM

Katie O'Donnell - EverFi

Learn more about our web-based content which engages, teaches & certifies students in critical life skills including: coding, financial literacy, STEM applications to the real world & career exploration. This is also a BYOD session.

Introduction to CTE- Home and Career Skills 3.0 Curriculum Project

Dawn B. Mastroianni - New York State Education Department

CR 100.4 entitles all middle-level students to 1 3/4 unit of career and technical education. How can we make the best use of CTE time in all middle schools statewide? This session will detail our progress on the new Home & Career Skills curriculum guide and its transformation to foundational CTE.

Learning With Legos

Alta Jo Longware - NYSTEEA Exec Bd, AuSable Valley CSD

Join us and experience the fun and educational value of utilizing LEGOs in the classroom to tap into students' creativity to teach technical drawing and technical writing. Participants will receive a lesson plan, activity guide, and evaluation rubric for the LEGO design challenge.

Teaching Hardware and Software with the BBC's Microbit

David Held  - Poughkeepsie Day School

The Microbit is a small computer that can be programmed from any device with a web browser. Young students start with a block language then progress to Python or Javascript. The Microbit has several built in sensors and is very expandable. Students learn to build and program electronic circuits.

NYS Multiple Pathways towards Graduation: Do I have a true understanding of the CTE & CDOS Pathways?

Bernard P Pierorazio - NYS CTE Technical assistance Center

With the adoption of the CDOS pathway, CTE teachers, guidance counselors and school leaders need to understand the implications for program elements, assessment, graduation requirements and resource allocation. This session will attempt to clarify the CTE, CDOS Pathway and the CDOS Credential.

Model Railroading as a STEAM Activity

Jeffrey Tuttle - Retired (Scarsdale Middle School)

Model railroading can introduce students to a variety of STEM activities including: Basic electricity, circuits, mini-controllers, coding and interfacing. Add model building and scenery construction and you have STEAM. A variety of projects for middle and high school student will be presented.

Young Professional Networking Group

Liz Gallo - NYSTEEA President

A group of young technology teachers will get together to discuss the rewards and struggles of being a technology education teacher. The group will look to connect and support one another. Attendees will discuss ways to improve their teaching craft and technology education throughout the state.

Networking for Women in Technology & Engineering Education

Karin Dykeman - Liverpool High School

Women are a small but dynamic force in the field of Technology & Engineering Education. Take time to share experiences, successes and strategies with your colleagues. Together we will explore ways to harness our collective strengths to enhance our impact in the classroom and the profession at large.

Engineering by Design

Andrew Zaffarano - Engineering by Design (EbD) OHM. BOCES

Denise Krohn - Engineering By Design State Trainer

The training will answer questions about the content of Engineering by Design,why it is important for students to learn the engineering process, and how to teach this interesting material to your students.

Sketch Up, math and 3D printing in Middle School Technology Education

Raymond Finney - Liverpool Middle School

Follow our journey from paper sketching, drawing, and CAD onto eventually combining 8th grade Technology and Math standards with 3D printing activities where students understand how it all comes together.

Hydroponics- Design, Create and Grow

Scott Stagnitta - Skaneateles School District

Hydroponics might be the perfect STEM class that connects all four content areas. Hydroponics design engineering class is a fresh, innovative and intriguing STEM class that has helped grow our program and enrollment. Check out this unique class that utilizes many different areas of technology.

The Best of DDP

Karin Dykeman - Liverpool High School

If you've taught DDP, whether 1 year or 20 years, come to hear and share activities and best practices. This session is facilitated by a 20+ year veteran teacher who has lots to share and lots to learn. Bring your device and share and upload as many great ideas as we have time for.

Applications of HAM Radio in Technology Education

Roy Diers KD2HWE - Syosset High School

Dr. Peter Deluca AA2VG - Larkfield Amateur Radio Club

This presentation will focus on applying the many facets of HAM radio into a Technology Classroom. Discussion will illustrate the many areas of HAM radio from Licensing to School Clubs. Hands on demonstration of setting up a portable station and "Getting on the AIR"

… just blown’ in the wind

Raymond Pitcher - Kidwind

… just blown’ in the wind is a student center workshop that will introduce the participant to try out energy related problem solving activities. The builds have been tested with students in a wide range of grades and abilities; and within multiple different classroom settings.  

CTE Program Approval Process

Charlie Crumb - CTE Technical Assistance Center

This presentation will explain the process of CTE program approval for you Technology Pathway in your school.

Teaching Electronics as a Foundational Part of STEM Education

Peter T. Miller - Applied Inspirations, LLC

Having a fundamental knowledge of electronics is essential in today’s highly computerized industries. Our materials provide hands-on exposure to all students in basic electronics and can lead them into our advanced electronics curriculum. Discover how to implement electronics into your STEM program.

NYS Multiple Pathways Toward Graduation: Do I have a true understanding of the CTE & CDOS Pathways?

Bernard P Pierorazio - SPNET - CTE TAC

With the adoption of the CDOS pathway, CTE teachers, guidance counselors and school leaders need to understand the implications moving forward. This session will answer the question, How Does CTE and CDOS Pathways fit into the NYSED 4+1 Graduation Models?

New York State Teachers' Retirement System: Overview and options of your retirement benefits

Johnathan Wilsey - Foresters Financial Services, Inc.

Foresters Financial is excited to provide you easy to understand information on all aspects of your retirement benefits, including:

- Explanation of retirement benefits

- Retirement benefit payout options

- Understanding social security benefits

- Supplemental retirement programs

NYS Teacher Certification Requirements

Richard Jackson - New York State Education Department Office of Teaching Initiatives

Attendees with learn the many pathways to NYS certification specifically for Technology Certification.

STEM Strategies & STEM Institute

Chuck Goodwin, DTE - NYSTEEA Advisory Council

This presentation will provide numerous and varied strategies with how you can incorporate STEM related experiences in your classroom. In addition there will be a discussion covering the benefits of attending the STEM Summer Institute being held at Alfred State July 30th through August 1st.

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