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Awards & Scholarships

Regional Teacher of the Year
Applications Due January 20th, 2019

An award for teachers from the regional association. This person is recognized as being an inspiring technology and engineering teacher in the region. Improving Technology and Engineering Education in their local community. The person is nominated by the regional president, the form is filled out in coordination by the regional president and person, then sent to the District Vice President who verifies the form. The nominee must a member of and in good standing with NYSTEEA.  Then this person is invited to the State Conference and recognized at the awards dinner, receives a paper certificate and NYSTEEA lapel pin.

NYSTEEA Teacher of Excellence
Applications Due January 4th, 2019

The highest honors given to NYS technology and engineering education classroom teachers and is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession and their students. The Teacher Excellence Award recognizes outstanding technology and engineering teachers who serve as models for their colleagues and affect change in the field. 

NYSTEEA Program of Excellence
Applications Due January 4th, 2019

The Program Excellence Award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession and students. The award-winning programs serve as a standard for comparison and models for the development of other programs. Therefore, it is essential that each recognized program reflect contemporary technology engineering education. Awardees serve as models for colleagues and are an inspiration to their communities and leaders in the state as proponents of advancing technological literacy for all.

These awards are given in conjunction with ITEEA Awards. All nominations must come through NYSTEEA in order to qualify. NYS Teacher and Program of Excellence winners get submitted to ITEEA for their award program. 

Eligibility requirements and award criteria: (More are detailed on the first page of the forms.)

  • An educator must nominate a teacher for this award.
  • The teacher(s) must be a current NYSTEEA member and for the preceding year. (2 years)
  • The teacher(s) must be certified to teach in Technology & Engineering education and must be a full-time Technology & Engineering education teacher (at least four periods a day) for at least 5 years prior to the nomination.
  • The teacher’s superiors must concur that she/he is a professional worthy of being considered an outstanding educator.

Future Technology and Engineering Education Award 2019
Application Due June 30

NYSTEEA Mini Grant Application
Applications Due December 31 – Deadline Extended!!

Mini Grants are of $500 to provide support for Technology & Engineering Education Teachers in their effort to develop new and innovative strategies for teaching and presenting curriculum. Teacher’s efforts are supported by funds to purchase necessary materials. Funds may be used to purchase materials and supplies, but may not be used to purchase services. The successful Mini Grant Recipients will be announced at the NYSTEEA Annual Conference. Award winners will be asked to provide both written and photo documentation of the project to be used in a future issue of the NYSTEEA journal and/or electronic newsletter. Mini Grant Award winners are expected to share their teaching with other Technology & Engineering Teachers at the Annual Conference the following year.

Epsilon Pi Tau

Application Due January 31

The premier academic and professional honors group for technology education professionals in practice. EPT has provided honor and distinction to members, institutions, programs and individuals throughout the world for more than 85 years.