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9 Reasons to Present at the Annual New York State Technology & Engineering Educators Association Conference

Liz Gallo

President of NYSTEEA

Advocate for stepping out of your comfort zone

September 24, 2017


Thank you for your interest in presenting at the Annual New York State Technology & Engineering Educators Association. Presenting at the annual conference as a special interest session presenter is a rewarding experience, it gives you the opportunity to share your ideas and receive feedback from others in the field. Here are nine reasons why you should present at the NYSTEEA Annual Conference.

1. You will have the opportunity to advance the field of technology education by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

2. Teacher attendees benefit directly from your practical, classroom-tested activities and strategies.

3. You will be deemed a cutting-edge leader in the field of technology education in NYS.

4. You can show examples of your best student's projects, which reflect your ingenuity and teaching skills.

5. Teacher attendees want to hear from colleagues who are typical technology education teachers like themselves.

6. When you present, you connect with other like-minded technology education teachers who are interested in the same topic.

7. Presenting  can give you a new perspective on a project or lesson you have, which can help your teaching strategies and can improve aspects of the project or lesson

8. The administration at your school will see you as a valuable member of the district, and will be more likely to invest in paying for you to go to the conference.

9. If you tell your students, they will be impressed by you.